Latest News::Seminar for Teachers organised at Baba Farid Public School, Faridkot

Respected Principal Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur informed that programme of capacity building of teachers was organised. This programme was organised by Macmillan Education at Baba Farid Public School. Mrs Kulwant Kaur, Macmillan Educator shared her views on many aspects of capacity building with the teachers. She made aware of the importance of teacher in student’s life. She said that Students spend more time with teachers than parents. So, Teachers should motivate the students to focus on all tasks of life so that they can grasp all things fastly. Teachers should focus more on practicals to make students learning fast. Also she added that it is hard to rely upon the hearing topics for students but it is always better for them to learn from watching facts practically. If teacher adopts this method of teaching, the teacher can expect better results. Teachers should have patience in execution of all routine tasks. The Teacher should understand the psychology of every student in the class so as to get better response from all students during the class. 
In today’s era of modern education, various techniques like PPTs or Videos are also helpful teaching tools to explore more knowledge among students. These tools can also create interest of students to learn more about the fundamentals. She said that if the teacher has answers to all of the queries of students then students will be more curious to listen their respective teacher without upsetting the class. 
In the end, Worthy Chairman S. Inderjit Singh Khalsa Ji appreciated Respected Principal Mrs. Kuldeep Kaur for arranging such an innovative programme of learning for Teachers so as to deliver value education among students.